Ginger 15ml


Zingiber officinale

Country of Origin: India

Part of Plant used: Rhizome

Extraction method: Distillation

Color of Oil: Clear to light amber: oil becomes thicker with age and exposure to air.

Odor Description: Warming, spicy

Ginger is known to be the oldest spice to mankind. It helped with nausea, fevers and coughs. This oil can be a skin irritant therefore blend with carrier oil. Test on wrist if you have a possibily allergic reaction to Peru Balsam.


Analgesic, antibacterial, anti-emetic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, digestive, stimulant, stomachie.


Poor circulation, nausea, vomiting, excess gas, fever, rheumatism, menstrual cramps, sore throats and coughs. On an emotion perspective, ginger can help with indecisions, and confusion. Ginger promotes clarity and helps to move forward.

Caution: Keep essential out of reach of children. Ingestion of the oil is toxic and can affect the central nervous and respiratory systems.

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