Cypress 15ml


Cupressus sempervirens

Country of Origin: Austria

Part of the plant used: Leaves, twigs and cones

Extraction method: Distillation

Color of Oil: Pale yellow

Note: Mid note

Odor description: Piney, woody, refreshing

Safety Information: Skin sensitizer, and keep in refrigerator for lasting use.

Cypress is highly recommended for the treatment of hemorrhoids with bleeding and conditions of excess fluid loss such as perspiration and menstrual flow. Also help for profuse sweating and for its benefits on the respiratory system. Some have said that cypress is superior in its astringent action.


Antiperspirant, antirheumatic, antiseptic. antispasmodic, antisudorific, antitussive,astringent, decongestant (venous and lymphatic), deodorant, detoxifier, diuretic, febrifuge, insecticide, nervine, restorative (nervous system), sedative, styptic,vasoconstrictor, vulnerary


Varicose veins, nosebleeds, pyorrhea (bleeding gums), chilblains, cellulite, bruises, edema, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, congestion in lymph system, excess blood flow during menstruation, infection of the throat, nose, spasmodic coughs, bronchitis, asthma, flu, sore throat, oily, sweaty skin and feet. Cypress essential oil has a wonderful energy of pulling things together, including thoughts and overwhelming emotions; a useful oil for concentration and to help refocus; can be used to purify physical and energetic space and is recommended for the heart chakra to provide comfort and strength to an individual who has experienced the loss of someone close.

Caution: Keep essential out of reach of children. Ingestion of the oil is toxic and can affect the central nervous and respiratory systems.


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